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Matt Bomer Emmy

Matt Bomer talks Emmy nom, ‘Magic Mike XXL’

Matt Bomer is 3,000 miles away from his family shooting White Collar in New York, but still got to share his happy Emmy news this morning when his husband, Simon Halls, called from Los Angeles. “It was so great to share that moment with him because I had to separate myself from my family to … Continue reading


Matt Bomer to Be Honored with Coveted Giffoni Award

Actor Matt Bomer, one of Hollywood’s most exciting young stars, will be honored on July 19 with the coveted Giffoni Award at the 44th Annual Giffoni Experience. The film festival will run from July 18 – 27 in Giffoni Valley Piana, Italy. Known to television viewers the world over as White Collar’s Neal Caffrey, Mr. … Continue reading

Bomer Ruffalo

Matt Bomer on Reactions to The Normal Heart: “I Was Snotting From Crying So Hard”

As part of the cast of HBO’s The Normal Heart, which airs this Sunday, Matt Bomer is bringing the reality of the AIDS crisis to an audience not unlike himself: people who grew up thinking of AIDS as something that was already in the past. Written by Larry Kramer, who is played in loosely fictionalized … Continue reading

Bomer Ruffalo

Matt Bomer On His Life-Changing ‘The Normal Heart’ Experience: “I’m still not ready to let go.”

Things are about to change in a big way for actor Matt Bomer. While he’s been on our radar for years now due to his role as con artist Neal Caffrey on USA’s drama “White Collar” and films like “Magic Mike,” nothing will prepare even his most diehard fans for his deeply profound work as … Continue reading

Bomer OUT Magazine

Matt Bomer On Montgomery Clift, Magic Mike & the End of White Collar

Plus: Why the actor is reluctant to talk about his weight loss and physical changes for his emotional role in The Normal Heart As Matt Bomer makes the talk-show rounds to promote The Normal Heart, the drastic weight loss—between 35 and 40 pounds—that he underwent during production has quickly become one of the most frequently … Continue reading


Matt Bomer Is More Than Just a Pretty Face

With the end of his hit show, White Collar, in sight, the 36-year-old actor was looking to take risks, challenge himself, and change how he’s seen. He succeeded on all counts playing an AIDS-afflicted writer in HBO’s adaptation of The Normal Heart. The grueling role took a huge emotional and physical toll, but Bomer wouldn’t … Continue reading

Bomer The Normal Heart

Matt Bomer: The Normal Heart Changed His Life

‘It blew my mind in terms of the level of unconditional love between Ned and Felix—my goodness, if these people could incorporate this into their lives, under their circumstances, why can’t I?’ Photography by Kai Z Feng Matt Bomer is the cover star of Out’s June/July issue (available on newsstands May 15), and he spoke … Continue reading